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"The  journey towards achieving dreams and creating beautiful dancers requires dedication, determination, discipline and desire”

-Tammie Lee, Artistic Director -

Studio 4 School of Dance offers classes to children from  ages  3 to adult. Our mission is to train a life long dancer, although individual goals range from social skills, health maintenance and improvement of self esteem.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique. The discipline and determination that comes from this training will benefit students in any career that they choose.

Ballet is the foundation of our program at Studio 4 School of Dance.

While Studio 4 School of Dance is considered to be the best school in our area for ballet training, we offer classes in many other forms of dance: Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pointe and variety of children’s classes.


Conveniently Located at 4868 Hwy 4, Vallecito Ca, 95251


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