These policies are duplicated from the Studio 4 School of Dance Policies & Procedures_2018 form, which must be signed by the parent or guardian for each student.  Please print and return the form to the Studio.

Studio 4 School of Dance

Policies & Procedures

Enrollment Fee – New Students: There is a non-refundable $25 Enrollment Fee per student due with the 1st month tuition.
Enrollment Fee-Returning students: There will be a $10 annual non-refundable enrollment fee per student for returning students due on August 1st. All students will need to fill out a new Enrollment/Liability form for the year. For students who take a leave of absence for 1-2 months a $20 enrollment fee will be assessed. For students who take of leave of absence 3 months or longer a $25 enrollment fee will be assessed. The enrollment fee holds your child’s spot in their class unless there is a leave of absence. (For Families with multiple students- contact Tammie Lee)

Membership Fee: There is an annual $20 non-refundable membership fee per student due January 1st. Fee covers liability insurance for the dancer, maintenance and repairs to the studio.

Tuition: Tuition is due the 1st week of every month and is non-refundable. There is a 5 day grace period. For late payments, there will be a $20 late fee that will be added to the tuition for that month. Tuition remains the same when classes fall on holidays. Any returned checks for non-payment will charged an NSF fee of $25.
Over Due Accounts: For all accounts not paid by the 28th day of the month, the student will not be able to participate in classes until the account is paid in full.

Make-up classes: Students who miss classes due to illness or other activities may make up their classes at that level or below. The parent will need to notify Tammie Lee of the class that the dancer wishes to attend. Tuition will not be refunded for missed classes. All missed classes will need to be made up within the first two months of the missed class. Only enrolled students will be able to make up classes.

Summer Punch Cards: Punch cards can be purchased June and July only and valid through July 31st. Any punch cards not used by July 31st can be used for extra classes not enrolled in, as a drop in class until the end of September.

Drop class Procedure: Studio 4 School of Dance requires a 30 day written notice of dropping classes. Tuition, Membership and Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Dress Code: All dancers need to follow Studio 4 School of Dance dress code.

Advertising: I/parent/Guardian give permission to Studio 4 School of Dance to videotape and or photograph my child in classes/ rehearsals/ dance camps/master classes held throughout the year which will be placed on their website or flyers.

Holidays: Studio 4 School of Dance is closed for the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday) Christmas Break. Studio 4 School of Dance may close for other days throughout the year when there is an extra day in that month.  Notification by email will go out to all families prior to studio closing.

Parking & Pick up Policy: Please pick up your child 5-10 minutes after class. Please do not park directly in front of the studio as there are dancers exiting the studio and may not be seen. We want to keep or children safe!

I have read all policies and procedures of Studio 4 School of Dance and understand my commitment to Studio 4 School of Dance.